Activities of the Ambassador

4 of March 2020: The Ambassador meets M. James Cleverly, Minister for MENA

IMG-20200304-WA0000Ambassador Abderrahmane Benguerrah paid, on Wednesday 4 march 2020, a courtesy visit to The Rt Hon James Cleverly MP, Minister of State, Minister for Middle East and North Africa.

On this occasion, they welcomed the level of political dialogue and the quality of the relations between Algeria and the United Kingdom and expressed the commitment of both governments to strengthen and diversify further their bilateral cooperation.


 4 of February 2020: The Ambassador at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies


Ambassador Abderrahmane Benguerrah paid a courtesy visit, on 4 February 2020, to Dr Farhan Nizami, Director of Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.

On this occasion, Ambassador Benguerrah toured the centre, praising its unique contribution to the enhancement of the dialogue between cultures and civilizations.

He and Director Nizami expressed their willingness to develop further the relations between the centre and the embassy.

15 of January 2020: The Ambassador visits The Islamic Cultural Centre


Ambassador Abderrahmane Benguerrah  visited The Islamic Cultural Centre on Wednesday 15 January 2020.

He was greeted by the Director General,Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan and all the staff at the Centre. 

 Ambassador Benguerrah praised the hard work and dedication of the staff and the importance of the role of the Centre in transmitting the true message of Islam and by contributing to the consolidation of the links between the members of the Muslim community in London, in particular, and in the United Kingdom, in general. 

14 of January 2020: The Ambassador at the IMO headquarters

49385253261 933fe29a63 wAmbassador Abderrahmane Benguerrah was received by Mr Kitack Lim, the General Secretary of The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), at the headquarters of the Organisation on the 14th January 2020.

On this occasion, they expressed their satisfaction with the level and quality of the relations between Algeria and IMO and reaffirmed their commitment to consolidate further the bilateral cooperation in different fields.

20 of June 2019: Celebration of the Africa Day

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The group of African Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to the United Kingdom celebrated Thursday, June 20, in London the Africa Day , which commemorates the creation in 1963, in Addis Ababa of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), to which succeeded the African Union (AU) in 2002.

On this occasion, a reception was organized at the "El Jumeira", hotel to which were invited representatives of the British Government, the members of the Diplomatic Corps, the leaders of think tanks specializing in African issues and friends of Africa.

The Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps, the Ambassador of Algeria, HE Amar Abba gave a speech in which he stressed that this gathering is “an opportunity to celebrate the friendship and cooperation between Africa and the United Kingdom”, adding that in this “changing and challenging times”, the African countries and the United Kingdom “can join   their efforts to overcome these challenges and take advantage of these opportunities”.

HE the Ambassador pointed out that “The dynamism of the African population, its energy, and its extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, will be the strongest allies for all those who want to invest in the partnership with African countries”, especially for the United Kingdom which is prospecting new avenues and new economic partnerships for the period following the end of its membership in the European Union”.


18th of October 2018: H.E Amar Abba took part to the ABBC annual dinner

dinner AbbcH.E Amar Abba, the Ambassador of Algeria, took part to the annual dinner of the Algerian-British Business Council (ABBC), on the 18th of October 2018 at the House of Lords, hosted by Lord Risby, the Trade Envoy to Algeria, in the presence of  Mr Alistair Burt, the Minister of state for Mena and H.E Barry Lowen, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom.

The Algerian ambassador pointed out, first, that this annual meeting has become “an unmissable rendezvous” for the Algerian British friendship and cooperation, before highlighting the many opportunities offered by the Algerian market, due to its size, 42 million inhabitants, and its proximity to Europe, especially in this crucial phase of diversification of the economy. For Mr Abba, the successes in Algeria of major companies like BP, Petrofac, GSK, Rolls Royce, Unilever, Satellite Technology, Clarke Energy, to name a few, should inspire other companies.

Lord Risby praised during this dinner the “remarkable” partnership between Algeria and the United Kingdom, expressing his conviction that the implemented mechanisms and milestones “will allow this multifaceted partnership to continue whatever the circumstances are.”

Mr Alistair Burt “reiterated the British government’s support to the fundamental work made for the two countries’ peoples” to perpetuate the bilateral ties which go back to 1580 when the first British Consul John Tipton was appointed in Algiers to inaugurate the first commercial reports.

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Mr. Barry Lowen, said that he was “dazzled by the warmth of the Algerian people and impressed by the vitality of the Algerian society and the pace of change in the economy, paying tribute to the young Algerians "who are fighting alongside the government against extremism, in order to preserve their freedom and the stability of their country ".

9th of October 2018: H.E Amar Abba, Dean of the African ambassadors Group

H.E Amar Abba, the Ambassador of Algeria chaired on Tuesday 9 of October 2018 at the Algerian embassy, a meeting of the Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to the UK, in his quality of the new dean of the African Diplomatic Corps.

The participants examined a number of organisational issues on the agenda, before exchanging views on matters of interest to Africa in the context of the relations with the United Kingdom.

18th of July 2018: Lecture of H.E Ambassador on the Algerian Revolution.

Abba 2

H.E the Ambassador of Algeria Amar Abba gave a lecture on the Algerian Revolution emphasizing the political aspects of the struggle for independence.

The lecture, which took place at the Algerian Embassy, was attended by more than a hundred members of the Algerian community in the UK, coming mainly from academic backgrounds.

During the debate, various questions were raised, relating to a large range of aspects of the liberation struggle, including the organisation of the fight,both on the political and the civil society sides.

A coffee and refreshments were served after the lecture in a very convivial and friendly atmosphere.

05th January 2018: The Ambassador visits the exhibition of the Algerian artist Anissa Berkane in London

Amb expoH.E Amar Abba the Ambassador of Algeria visited last Friday the exhibition of the visual artist  Anissa Berkane at the P21 Gallery in London.

Entitled "Dhikr Pictural", the exhibition features a collection of twenty paintings rich in mathematical, geometric and calligraphic symbols, inspired by the principles of Islam.

The exhibition, which attracted lovers of the visual arts, and members of the Algerian community, "is an invitation to a more positive understanding of Islam and its values of love and tolerance," says Anissa Berkane, a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Algiers.

20 July 2017: Reception at the Embassy in honour of the delegation participating in the World Para Athletics Championships in London.

receptionH.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria in London, hosted a reception at the Embassy in honour of the athletes and coaches who participated in the 8th World Para Athletics Championships in London (14-23 July). 

The Ambassador congratulated the athletes and officials accompanying them for the very good results achieved (9 gold, 4 silver 6 bronze) and their excellent place in the overall medal table (7th),   thanking them for representing our country in a worthy and honourable way.

19th June 2017: The Ambassador visits the family of the Algerian victim of the Finsbury Park terror attack

H.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria in London, went to Finsbury Park on the 19th of June to pay a visit to the family of the young Algerian national, Brahim Benaouda, who was seriously wounded in the attack on Sunday evening.

Mr. Abba expressed to the father of the victim the sympathy and solidarity of the Algerian authorities, following this terrorist act, assuring him of the availability of the Embassy to give him all necessary assistance.

The Ambassador took the opportunity to visit the Muslim Welfare House, targeted by the attack, to meet with the leaders of the center who told him about the circumstances of the attack, as well as the role and vocation of the Muslim Welfare House.

Finally, the Ambassador seized the opportunity of his presence in the neighbourhood to meet Algerians living in the area, with whom he had a discussion about their situation and their concerns. He informed them of the facilities offered by the new headquarters of the Consulate, which is able to welcome them in good conditions and with spaces for cultural and social activities.

14th June 2017: The Ambassador at the scene of the Grenfell Tower Fire

imagesH.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria to London, visited  on Wednesday  the 14th of  June,  the scene of  the Grenfell Tower fire , located in West London, to make inquiries  about the possible presence of Algerian nationals among the victims.

The Ambassador, who met local Algerians living in the neighbourhood, learned that for the moment no Algerian victims were reported.

11 May 2017: Business dinner on Algeria at the House of Lords

IMG 0102H.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria to London, took part in the business dinner organised by the Algerian-British Business Council (ABBC) on May 11th at the House of Lords and attended by the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Norman Lamont.

In his speech, Mr Amar Abba talked about the Algerian-British relations, saying that "the prospects are huge because of the significant opportunities of the two economies".

He also listed the advantages that Algeria offers to the British, including a consumer market of 40 million inhabitants, a significant gross domestic product and a reliable source of energy for Europe. The Ambassador also cited geographical proximity as one of the strengths of our country.

H.E Amar Abba added that "the partnership between Algiers and London could be developed in the sectors of financial services, information and communication technologies, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism and the automotive industry.

Talking about the Algerian economy, the Ambassador said that, “faced with the fall in oil prices, it is doing well, showing remarkable resilience, illustrated by an economic growth of 4% in 2016”.

The President of the Algerian-British Business Council, Sherard Cowper-Coles, said in his speech, that Algeria is "a great country with invaluable potential” that can enable it to reach a global level in terms of economic development.

 04th Mars 2017/Conference

H.E the Ambassador Amar Abba took part on the 4th of March in the annual conference of the Think-Tank “Windsor Energy Group" held at the prestigious Windsor Castle.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the many Ambassadors present to listen to the experts presentations on the situation and trends of the energy market.

15th April 2015 / ABBC Annual Roundtable Dinner

ABBC Annual Roundtable Dinner3Lady Olga Maitland hosted the Algerian British Business Council Annual Roundtable Dinner at her residence on the 15th April 2015.

The dinner was an opportunity to assess the activities of the Council during the last 12 months.

H.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria, delivered a presentation on the economic situation in Algeria and the prospects of the business cooperation between Algeria and the United Kingdom.

23rd March 2015 / The Ambassador’s visit to the Food and Drink Event in London.

Food and Drink Event in London

H.E. the Ambassador, Amar ABBA,made, on Monday 23rd March 2015, a visit to the Algerian stand at the International Food & Drink Event (Excel London).

The Algerian stand was hired by SAFEX enabling many Algerian exhibitors to introduce their products, namely:

  •        Groupe Bajou (dates);
  •        Haddoud enterprise (dates company);
  •        Acid Olmed AEK (olives and olive oil);
  •        Sig-Agro (fruit and vegetable canning, who also exhibited table olives);
  •        Mitidja SIM for industrial semolina (pasta products, couscous, semolina and flour);
  •        Setifis Bottling Company (juices and non-alcoholic beverages).

Other exhibitors (two or three) were booked in this same stand, however they could not make it due to visa issues/lack of visas.

Participation to the annual conferences of the British political parties


His Excellency, Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria to the United Kingdom was invited, like a number of Arab Ambassadors to the Annual Conferences of British Political Parties.

In this regard, he participated in the Labour Party Conference in Manchester on 22 – 24 September 2014 and later in the Conservative Party Conference on 29 September – 01 October 2014 in Birmingham and in the Liberal-Democrat Party Conference on 05 - 08 October 2014 in Glasgow.

During these three events, Mr Amar Abba met a number of British politicians in the objective of strengthening the relations between British and Algerian political parties. On this occasion, Mr Abba had the opportunity to get informed on the political programmes of these parties, and especially on foreign policy, as we get closer to the 2015 General Elections.

 4th December 2013 / Roundtable on the Maghreb-EU relations

Table RondeHis Excellency Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria to the United Kingdom, took part, on the 4th of December 2013, in a roundtable organised by the “Global Diplomatic Forum” on the Maghreb-EU relations.

This roundtable, held in the headquarters of the European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom, was attended by Mr Richard Ottaway, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee at the House of Commons, Mr Ian Lucas, Shadow Minister for the Middle East and Africa and the Ambassadors of Maghreb countries to the United Kingdom.

During his speech, Mr Amar Abba gave an overview of the different programmes implemented by the EU to promote the cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean, recalling the creation of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership launched in Barcelona in 1995 and the Union for the Mediterranean which is more focused on structural projects.

Mr Abba also mentioned the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements with Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria and the European Neighbourhood Policy.

Moreover, Mr Abba stressed out the significant potential of the Maghreb integration for the benefit of the peoples in the region and the numerous historical, geographical, economic and cultural factors which all represent assets for the success of this integration.

During the debate, Mr Abba refuted the bilateral character of the Western Sahara conflict, recalling that Morocco and the Polisario Front have, since a long time, been clearly identified by the UN Security Council as the two parties of this conflict. He also reminded that the conflict of the Western Sahara preceded the creation of the Arab Maghreb Union in 1989 and that the Maghreb leaders, at that time, considered that this conflict was not an obstacle to the Maghreb construction.

Celebration of the 51st Anniversary of the Independence

 13481As part of the celebration of the 51st Anniversary of the Independence, the Ambassador of Algeria, H.E Amar Abba, delivered a lecture on 6 July 2013 at the Algerian Embassy entitled “Algeria under colonial rule” which was attended by a large audience comprised of representatives of associations and civil society of the Algerian community settled in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

After a coffee break, the lecture was followed by an extensive debate in which some participants questioned the transmission of the knowledge on the History of Algeria to the new generation of Algerians born in the United Kingdom.

15 March 2013/Reception in honour of English Language inspectors

British Council CascaisHis Excellency Mr. Amar ABBA, Ambassador of Algeria to the United Kingdom, hosted a reception on Friday 15th March 2013 in honour of a group of English Language inspectors from Algeria.

It should be noted that it is the first group of 24 inspectors of English who have benefited from trainings organised by the British Council. Three more groups, bringing together a total of 87 school inspectors, will follow in the coming months.

This social gathering took place in a warm atmosphere in the presence of a large number of representatives of companies operating in Algeria, like Anadarko, Shell and HSBC. Lady Olga Maitland, Chairman of the Algeria British Business Council, also attended the reception.

On this occasion, Mr Amar ABBA stressed the need to reinforce the educational and cultural components of the Algerian-British cooperation and welcomed the expansion of the English language learning in Algeria.

International Women’s Day /Reception in honour of the Algerian women living in the United Kingdom

542662 354487777989004 993059766 nOn the occasion of the International Women’s Day on 8th of March, H.E Amar ABBA, the Ambassador of Algeria to the United Kingdom organised a reception in honour of the Algerian women living in the United Kingdom on Saturday, 9th of March at the Embassy in London.

 In a welcoming address, Mr Amar ABBA reminded the progress made by the Algerian woman since the Independence of the country and her contribution to the nation building process. He highlighted, however, some important challenges which are still to be met.

 This initiative, first of this kind, was strongly appreciated by the guests who expressed themselves in a friendly atmosphere on their daily preoccupations whilst living abroad.

 The Algerian women living in London also underlined the urge to develop more communication spaces and to create a network in the future that would further strengthen the relationships between the members of the national community.

 8th to 11th of October2012/26th edition of the "Gastech Conference & Exhibition"

index A delegation of the Sonatrach Group participated in the 26th edition of the "Gastech Conference & Exhibition" in London.

H.E. Amar Abba, the Ambassador of Algeria, attended the opening of the Conference and paid a visit to the Sonatrach stall at the Exhibition Centre where he met members of the Algerian delegation.

11th August 2012 / Iftar in honour of the Algerian Olympic delegation

2012OlympicGamesOpeningCeremonylvF5nUFubDjlOn the occasion of the end of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Ambassador Amar Abba hosted an Iftar on Saturday 11th August at his residence in honour of the Algerian Olympic delegation (athletes, officials and coaches).

Were also invited to this Iftar dinner representatives of several Algerian associations based in the UK, as well as special envoys of the national press (ENTV, ENRS, APS).

It goes without saying that the Olympic 1500m champion has been the subject of particular attention during this evening. The reception was also an opportunity for representatives of the said associations to offer symbolic presents to the athletes and officials.

portsmouth2s13th June 2012: H.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria attended on 13 June 2012 a lecture by Pr. Martin Evans titled “the Resistance of the Algerian People to Colonization” at the University of Portsmouth.

This event was part of the activities of the University of Portsmouth to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Algeria.


25th May 2012: H.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria, was the guest of a meeting organised by the UK Algeria Business Council for the International Association of the Algerian Diaspora (AIDA) at Hilton Hotel, Park Lane on 25th May 2012.This meeting was part of the efforts exerted by the newly created AIDA, which aims to bring together the energies of our community settled abroad and to coach the young Algerians who are willing to create their own enterprises in Algeria.Following a presentation made by the president of AIDA, Mr. Abdelouahab RAHIM, the Ambassador expressed the support of the Algerian Authorities to all initiatives intended to reinforce and canalize the contribution of the Algerian community to the development of their country.


18th-20thApril 2012: Mr Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria, was amongst the delegation of the Arab Ambassadors who paid a visit to Scotland on 18th-20thApril 2012 in response to an invitation extended by Mr Alexander Elliot Salmond, First Minister of Scotland.

During their visit, the Arab Ambassadors called on Edinburgh and Glasgow. They were the guests of the First Minister who hosted a dinner in their honour. The Ambassadors visited the Parliament, the Town Hall, the Museum of Edinburgh as well as the University of Glasgow.

ABBC13th February 2012: The Algerian British Business Council, Chaired by Lady Olga Maitland, has organized on 13th February 2012, the first ABBC Annual Dinner at the House of Lords, to which many representatives of British Firms took part. At this dinner, HE Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria, addressed the attendance, highlighting the considerable progress made by the economic and trade cooperation between Algeria and the United Kingdom during the last years.
On this occasion, the Ambassador added that the Algerian-British trade exchanges jumped from 600 million GBP in 2006 to 2 billion GBP in 2011. He also underlined the numerous opportunities that the Algerian market                                                    offers to the British firms.

abba7th February 2012: H.E Amar Abba was the guest speaker of the Ambassadorial Business Roundtable on the business opportunities in Algeria hosted by the Arab British Chamber of Commerce on the 7th February 2012. Around thirty representatives of British firms attended this event.

The Ambassador made a presentation on the economic situation in Algeria as well as on the investment opportunities in our country. He highlighted the assets of Algeria together with the advantages that the British operators will find to invest in the country. On the other hand, the Ambassador has invited the British firms to extend their involvement fields in our country pointing that the sectors of tourism, agriculture and the vocational training were largely open to the British investment, in addition, of course, to the sector of Energy that constitutes the privileged field of involvement of the British operators.

During the discussion that followed the presentation, H. E Amar Abba answered the questions of this roundtable participants.