25th April 2016: Launching of the English translation of three of Ahlem Mosteghanemi’s novels

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The Algerian embassy, in partnership with the British publishing house Bloomsbury and Woman Arab of the year Awards, organised on Monday the 25th of April, in London (U.K.), the launching of the English version of Algerian novelist and poet, Ahlem Mosteghanemi’s trilogy: "The Bridge of Constantine" (Dakiratou El Jassed), "Chaos of Sens" (Fawdha El Haoues) et "The Dust of Promises" (Aber Sarrir). 

The ceremony was hosted by Regent’s University, in the presence of Ambassador Amar Abba, the director of Bloomsbury publishing house, Nigel Newton, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Pr Aldwyn Cooper, as well as Arab Ambassadors accredited to London and journalists.

Speaking on this occasion, M. Abba underlined the importance of the translation as “a bridge between people,” adding that “art and culture are a rampart against extremism”.

Ahlem Mostghanemi’s contribution to literature was hailed many times through several awards in Algeria, in the Arab world and several European capitals.