18-20 January 2016 / Visit of the Minister of Education Nouria Benghabrit to London


Benghabrit picture

Minister of Education Nouria Benghabrit made a visit to London on the 18th of January to take part to the Education World Forum (EWF).


Mrs Benghabrit gave a keynote speech at the Forum, emphasizing the “vital necessity” of “mobilizing human resources and triggering its commitment to the educational cause”.


On the fringe of the Forum, the Minister had a meeting at the British council headquarters with the chief executive Ciaran Devane, on the prospect for consolidating the Algerian-British relations in Education, in particular, learning et teaching the English language.

The two parties "welcomed the quality of these relations”, underlining the importance of an "educational policy, which integrates in the school syllabuses, the spread of the universal values citizenship, tolerance and respect."

The discussion extended to the "stakes and challenges facing the school, so to meet the demands of globalization in an ever-changing international environment."


The Minister of Education visited the "British Educational Training and Technology" Show (BETT), which brought together hundreds of companies specializing in the invention and the production of educational tools and materials for Information and Communication Technologies. She visited thereafter schools to learn about the British experience in the field of education.


At the end of her stay, Mrs Benghabrit met Lord Risby, the British envoy in charge of the partnership with Algeria and M.Tobias Ellwood, Foreign Office Minister for Middle East and North Africa.