26th to 28th April 2013/Visit of Mr Belkacem Sahli in London

940887 371904699580645 1802526611 nMr Belkacem Sahli, Secretary of State in charge of National Community Abroad paid a working visit to London from 26th to 28th April 2013.

During his visit, Mr Belkacem Sahli:

- Launched, at the Algerian Consulate, the operation “Biometric passport” for Algerian nationals residing in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

On this occasion, Mr Belkacem Sahli reiterated the importance of this operation and called on all registered citizens to complete the formalities in order to obtain this travel document.

- Met with Algerian academics settled in the United Kingdom whom he urged to work towards bringing their experiences to the Algerian universities.

- Held a meeting with representatives of the Algerian community at the Algerian Embassy during which, in addition to a general debate on the concerns of the Algerian community in the UK, they discussed two specific topics, namely the biometric passport and the repatriation of the deceased.