3 - 6 January 2012 / Lord Risby Visit to Algeria


Lord Risby paid a visit to Algeria from 3rd to 6th January leading a Parliamentary delegation of the Conservative Party. During his stay, Lord Risby met Mr Abdelkader Bensalah, President of the Council of the Nation  (Upper House),         Mr Abdelaziz Ziari, President of the National People‚Äôs Assembly  (Lower House)   and         Mr Mourad Medelci, Minister of  Foreign Affairs.

The British Parliamentary delegation had a meeting with the Algerian British Friendship Parliamentary Group at the Council of the Nation  and was the guest of a lunch hosted by the President of this group, Mr. Bouzid Lazhari.

Lord Risby announced the reactivation in the near future of the All Parliamentary Group for Algeria in the British Parliement.