17-21 March 2014 / Visit to the United Kingdom of 16 Algerian university lecturers

B CouncilAs part of the implementation of the “Memorandum of understanding and cultural cooperation” on promoting the teaching of the English language in Algeria signed last 16th January 2014 in Algiers, a group of 16 Algerian university lecturers visited the United Kingdom from 17th to 21st March.

The British Council organised a workshop with the group on 19th March in order to examine the possibilities of placement of Algerians studying English into British universities.

Moreover, the delegation visited some of the 35 British universities which have shown interest in this programme and would potentially welcome the Algerian students in the near future.

10th February 2014: one day-event at the London Stock Exchange on investment and partnership opportunities in Algeria


“Algeria Investor Window” organised by UCI International which aims at providing investment opportunities in Algeria, was held on 10th February 2014 at the London Stock Exchange, one of the top leading global financial places.

About fifty businessmen, industry managers and Algerian and British government officials took part to this event.

The conference was opened by a speech of His Excellency Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria to the United Kingdom, and Lord Risby, the Prime Minister’s Special Trade Envoy to Algeria for Economic Partnership.

Among many others, Mr Ahmed Mechraoui, Advisor of the Minister for Energy and Mines, and Mrs Safia Kouiret, Research Director at the ANDI (National Agency of Investment Development) respectively delivered a presentation on opportunities in the energy field (fossil fuels and renewable energy) and on the Algerian legislation for investments.

Mr Saad Damma, CEO of Mobilis and Mr Hassan Khelifati, CEO of Alliance Assurance were present with many other industry managers.

Algeria Investor Window” gave the British participants the opportunity to know more about the potential of the Algerian market and to establish contacts with the Algerians.

In the evening, the Ambassador of Algeria, Mr Amar Abba hosted a reception at the Embassy of Algeria in honour of the participants which was another occasion for all businessmen and industry managers to strengthen the contacts.


23- 24 January 2014/ Visit of Mr Abdelmalek Boudiaf, Minister for Health, Population and Hospital Reform



Mr Abdelmalek Boudiaf, Minister for Health, Population and Hospital Reform, paid a visit to the United Kingdom on 23rd and 24th January.

Mr Boudiaf had discussions with Mrs Jane Ellison, British Minister of Public Health, with whom he examined ways to develop the bilateral cooperation in the field of health.

At 10 Downing Street, he expressed his wish to Mr Christopher Lockwood, adviser of the British Prime Minister, to see British firms being more proactive in Algeria.

The Minister also met, at the UK Trade & Investment, Mr Howard Lyons, Chairman of Healthcare UK, who briefed him on the latter and on the British model of health based on prevention.

Mr Boudiaf visited Saint Mary’s Hospital in London where a presentation was delivered on the health policy in the United Kingdom and its future plans, as well as on the latest surgical innovations, especially the introduction of robotics as support to human intervention.

Lord Risby, Special Envoy to Algeria for Economic Partnership, hosted a lunch in honour of Mr Abdelmalek Boudiaf at the House of Lords. Whereas H.E Amar Abba, Ambassador of Algeria, hosted a reception at the Algerian Embassy for the Minister to which several British and Algerian businessmen interested in health industry were invited.

Mr Abdelmalek Boudiaf presented, upon all these gatherings, the programme of the Algerian government on the development of the health sector and more specifically the achievement of medical infrastructures and the fight against certain diseases like cancer.


19 - 22 January 2014/ Visit to London of Mr Abdelatif Baba Ahmed, Minister for National Education


baba ahmedMr Abdelatif Baba Ahmed, Minister for National Education, paid a working visit to London from 19 to 22 January in response to an invitation from his British counterpart, Mr Michael Grove. This visit took place as part of the 11th edition of Education World Forum 2014 (EWF 2014) and the 30th edition of the British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT).

Alongside with these important events, Minister Baba Ahmed met Lord Risby, Special Envoy to Algeria for Economic Partnership, and Mr Martin Davidson, Chief Executive of the British Council.

Mr Baba Ahmed discussed the cooperation prospects between Algeria and the UK with his interlocutors and the opportunities the field of education would offer besides the English language.

Minister Baba Ahmed also met representatives of Algerian cultural associations and private schools headmasters with whom he discussed the teaching of the Algerian school curriculum during a reception at the Algerian Embassy in London.

15-16 January 2014/ Visit of Mr Hugh Robertson to Algeria

Hugh RobertsonRt. Hon Hugh Robertson, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister for North Africa and the Middle East, paid a visit to Algeria on 15th and 16th January in response to an invitation from Mr Madjid Bouguerra, Minister Delegate in charge of Maghreb and African Affairs.

The two high officials co-chaired the works of the 8th session of the UK-Algeria Joint Committee of Cooperation. The talks between the two parties were mainly about the consolidation of the bilateral partnership on its economic, cultural, scientific, security and human dimensions.

In addition to his meetings with Mr Bouguerra, Mr Robertson also met Prime Minister, Mr Abdelmalek Sellal.

The visit of Mr Hugh Robertson to Algeria was marked by the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding on High Education between Algeria and the United Kingdom. The Memorandum states the training of 500 Algerian students in English language, PhD level, over the next five years (100 every year) in several British universities and the launch of the British School of English in Algiers.